Marc Chagall, Homage to Apollinaire, 1911-1912

Anti-Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is a lie. It will ensure that you miss the most magical moments in life while pursuing the most menial.

Lorenzetti, Allegory of the Good Government, 1338–39
Exploring Philosophy, Meaning, Virtue

Fervent Fortitude

Fortitude is one of the cardinal virtues that most of us probably believe we understand. It is often called courage, strength, endurance-the facing of fears. But as ever, when discussed as a virtue, it becomes multifaceted. What is true and virtuous fortitude?

Edward Hopper, 1942, Nighthawks
Circumstance, Meaning

To Feel Isolated

Feeling isolated isn’t so much about being alone, as it is about feeling like we are in it alone. With quotes from Jung, Donne & more.

Thomas Moran, 1906, Sunset at Sea
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We Endure

What if things really are as desperate as we think? With no silver lining in sight, we must simply endure. With quotes from Seneca, Virgil & more.

Caspar David Friedrich, 1825, Woman with a candlestick
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Making Self-Care More than a Buzzword

In recent times, self-care has become a popular phrase endorsed by many in the media. How helpful is the advice being offered? With quotes from Wordsworth, Eliot & more