About Me

I began working on In Other Words for a few reasons. To begin, I find meaning in creating its content. I find strength in words and I think they are an intrinsic part in helping us cope in the world (when done right).

As a person I am constantly mid-existential crisis (along with the rest of you, hello), where I have found a place of comfort by studying the books, people, art, mythologies, and many other sources you will see me taking inspiration from in my posts. Everything you see me writing here is an exploration of ideas; I am constantly learning and developing.

So, to say that I have at many times been held up by the ideas of greater people is no over exaggeration, which brings me to why I decided to create In Other Words. It allows me to develop and expand my knowledge, my tools and contributes to my overall development, and I share it with the sincere hope that you will gain genuine assistance and will find real meaning within these ideas, just as I have.

Thank you for visiting In Other Words and do come again.