Ford Madox Brown, 1852-6, Jesus Washing Peter's Feet
Mind, Virtue

Reaching Humility

Although a characteristic often associated with the downtrodden, humility is in fact a gift granted to those willing to keep their eyes open to blinding light.

Charles Le Brun, The Fall of the Rebel Angels, mid 1680's

A Person Is More Than One Thing

Do not judge. We are so quick to demonize others, when we ourselves hold our own depravities. We all have both darkness and light.

Lorenzetti, Allegory of the Good Government, 1338–39
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Fervent Fortitude

Fortitude is one of the cardinal virtues that most of us probably believe we understand. It is often called courage, strength, endurance-the facing of fears. But as ever, when discussed as a virtue, it becomes multifaceted. What is true and virtuous fortitude?

Leonardo da Vinci, La Scapigliata, 1506-1508
Mind, Virtue

Forgive Yourself

Instead of the punishing thought process, perhaps we can do better. The final step being, we forgive ourselves. With quotes from Shakespeare, Buechner & more.

Thomas Moran, 1906, Sunset at Sea
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We Endure

What if things really are as desperate as we think? With no silver lining in sight, we must simply endure. With quotes from Seneca, Virgil & more.